Flezir Classic SPF 15

Classic SPF 15


Intensive repair and enhanced protection for damaged, dehydrated, chapped lips.

Formulated with natural waxes, vegetable oils, and Vitamin E and F, Flezir Active Lip protector, forms a protective barrier against dehydration, fights free-radical action, maintain the intensity of the intercellular cement and enhance the formation of keratin. Its high mineral pigment (zinc oxide) content soothes and heals cracks. The SPF 15 protect lips form the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Without color and flavor it is ideal for very sensitive lips.

Dermatologically tested. Parabens and Allergens-free.

Skin types

Suitable for all skin types.

Application advice

Apply a thin layer to the lips for constant protection and especially when exposed to cold, wind, summer sun, or when practicing outdoor sports.

For chapped and/or dehydrated lips apply so as to feel your lips softer and moisturized. Allows the use of colored lipstick.